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Here you’ll find snippets of information about our various products and what makes Douglas Park Organics just so unique.

We’ll nurture the fruit and wait till it's just perfect!

THEN we go a little crazy..

We squeeze it. We squash it. Obivously we taste it.

And then, it’s over to you

Uncompromised Fruit

People that are super crazy, passionate about great food & natural flavours care if it’s organic…

Clearly we are ‘certifiably’ ORGANIC.

We didn’t touch it I promise!

The bees did it all, made their honeycomb right in the dish! All we do is send it on to you.

You’re the first human to touch it!

Learn about the staples of ORGANIC apple and orange action packed goodness








Jam does not need cane sugar No, No.


We figure, that leaving it out makes space for more fruit!

Oh, yeah, and we left something else out as well, the chemicals. because don’t forget. We’re all Organic!!

How Do We Come Up With Our Products?

Our Sunday family lunch is our brokering table. We discuss all the new ideas we’ve come up with during the week and work through them together around platters of fresh produce and of course, organic, fresh, pure juice!

Honeycomb Preparation Guide

An ideal specialty and accompaniment to platters or a powerful inclusion to your health and wellness routine.

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Step 1

Using a sharp knife, cut through the middle of the label. Cut around the entire circumference.

Step 2

Grip top lid, and base in separate hands. Twist and lift. If having difficulty separating, lightly insert knife and twist to separate lid and base.

Step 3

Cut around inside of ring, between container and honeycomb.


You’re half way there! Take and acknowledge the fact you’re the first human to smell this raw honeycomb.

Step 4

Remove the ring from the honeycomb. Don’t be concerned if only the top ring comes off, they’ll both be off shortly.

Step 5

Turn upside down on presentation plate. Lift the base away.


the taste of natural, raw, organic honey and comb. Made natures way.

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