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The tradition began over a century ago (1890’s) from humble beginnings on the land, growing quality fruit and vegetables first in the Adelaide Hills and later on the rich river flats of the fertile Adelaide plains. Successive generations have tilled the family soil at Douglas Park Farm to grow choice produce for the markets and tables of Adelaide.


Douglas Park Organics was created in 1992 when the family began pressing Organic Orange Juice. Quickly followed by Organic Apple to compliment the range which has been steadily growing to provide quality foods both within Australia and internationally. Having well established markets in countries around the world with a commitment to maintaining high export standards.

All organic products by Douglas Park Organics are certified organic.

A combination of hard work, experience and “A” grade certifications ensure that the Johnson Family is able to produce organic juice, jam and honey just as good and wholesome as great grandfather grew.


Organic food is produced by farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations.

No artificial chemicals, including pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers are used in the cultivation of our Organic foods as these chemicals may adversely affect your body, damage the land and build up in our environment. NO added sugar, NO preservatives and NO colourings are used in our juices.

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Ian and Liz are passionate about Australian produce, more importantly however it’s the organic fresh natural produce that Australia provides that peeks their interested. They’ve built up a business around providing this produce to you in the most natural, organic and pure way possible. Come learn about their history…

our story

Have you ever heard of “Untouched honey”? A Honey so pure that neither man nor machine has touched it, infact YOU will be the very first to touch it when you open the container! How’s that even possible you ask?

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Head to our unique page and you’ll find out how we make our products so unique and what it is that sets us appart.


How about a Jam that is ONLY comprised of fruit and nothing else. Natural Organic Fruit made into a pure jam. You haven’t tasted jam till you’ve tasted ours.

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